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Digital Hand Sanitising Units from IDS..
Created by sarahberry on 21/04/2020

Digital Hand Sanitising Units from IDS Media UK Launched in Retail Stores

IDS Media UK has taken the fight against coronavirus to retail stores after launching a digital hand sanitising unit for supermarkets. The company is working with a number of different stores and food outlets, and is currently looking for more brands to collaborate with.

As the importance of hand sanitising comes to the fore, the Messenger units are set up to dispense Sterizar sanitiser liquid that kills 99.999% of bacteria and lasts for up to six hours. The benefits of the Messenger unit don’t stop there; it also features an alternative to traditional advertising in the form of short videos.

With units at over 500 gyms in the UK and a trial taking place at an SEN school in Hampshire, it’s easy to see the benefits of Messenger. IDS Media can provide accurate statistics of interaction with units, including dwell time and proof of play reports. A forward thinking alternative to keep up with the change in consumer behaviour and the fatigue in current advertising, as well as aiding the health of consumers in the current coronavirus pandemic simultaneously. The company also has experience of medical marketing in over 5,000 GP surgery waiting rooms. Advertisers include Public Health England, Bioglan, Berocca, Benecol and Mind.

Project director Adam Taylor says, “Once we get through the current Coronavirus Pandemic and the lockdown situation we are all in, retail stores will reopen but bacteria and other viruses will not disappear anytime soon. Good hand hygiene is integral to stopping the spread of these germs and keeping everybody safe.

“Retail stores that pivot quickly to support new consumer needs after lockdown will find themselves one step ahead. For brands, this provides a unique opportunity to reach a new wave of consumers who are so acutely aware of the importance of sanitisation and therefore likely to feel more safe and secure in a venue that clearly takes this issue seriously and seeking out messages in the same way that they are doing so from their homes.”

IDS Media UK Donates...
Created by sarahberry on 30/03/2020

IDS Media UK Donates Mobiles and Easter Eggs to Stop Domestic Abuse

Members of IDS Media UK’s office team visited the Stop Domestic Abuse Head Office to deliver 100 Easter Eggs and Mobile phones.  The charity based in Havant, Hampshire run a number of Womens’ refuges across the area and provide services to those affected by domestic abuse.  Protecting and working with victims the charity also help perpetrators, the police and other organisations.

Vikki Webs, Operations Administrator for IDS UK Media says:

“Having worked for this charity I know how difficult it can be to provide those living at refuges with what they need.   Arriving with only the clothes they are wearing is not uncommon, which means the charity are faced with sourcing everything the women and children need.

The charity were very happy with both the Easter eggs and mobile phones.  One staff member commented that she had two women already who needed a phone urgently.  She followed up that it will be such a relief to be able to provide phones to women as they arrive; and that it was great to have so many eggs already for the children they house.”

IDS Media plan to continue donating to local charities on a regular basis.  Sarah Berry, Operations Manager for IDS UK said:

“As a provider of media in GP waiting rooms and gyms, we are very used to helping larger charity campaigns reach their target audience.  It was great to be able to help a charity local to us; we hope to continue with donations to similar organisations regularly”.

For more information on Stop Domestic Abuse visit  Information on Media GP waiting rooms and gyms can be found at

British Apples Join Forces...
Created by sarahberry on 14/11/2019

British Apples Join Forces with IDS Media UK

British Apples and Pears have joined forces with IDS Media UK to spread their #AppleADay campaign message.  IDS UK Media will be displaying leaflets in GP waiting rooms across the UK, taking advantage of a healthcare environment to validate the leaflet’s healthcare message.

Paul Pitman, Sales Director for IDS UK Media says:

“IDS Media UK are very excited to have the British Apples leaflet on board for Winter 2019. The #AppleADay is perfect for the waiting room environment and we are confident feedback from surgery staff and patients to be positive.  IDS Media UK love to support British suppliers; especially those that are aiming to improve healthy eating habits”.

The leaflet will be displayed in IDS Media wall mounted leaflet display racks within surgery waiting rooms nationwide.  IDS Media visit surgeries who have signed up to the service four times a year to provide healthcare leaflets, posters and samples.

Further information on the #AnAppleADAy campaign can be found at  Visit for information on media in GP waiting rooms.

Reckitt Benckiser Provides Free...
Created by sarahberry on 01/11/2019

Reckitt Benckiser Provides Free Dettol Samples to NHS Staff

During November 2019 Reckitt Benckiser will be providing free samples of their Dettol Cleansing surface wipes to thousands of NHS staff across the country.  The samples will be handed to GP surgery reception staff by IDS Media, a company who specialise in advertising healthcare communications in GP surgery waiting rooms.

IDS Media’s own team of field representatives will personally hand over the Dettol wipes to the staff for use within the surgeries and at home.  The cleansing wipes which kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses are proven to kill antibiotic resistant MRSA as well as allergens such as pollen particles and dust mites.

Sarah Berry, Operations Manager for IDS Media UK comments:

“Surgery staff have been very happy to receive the Dettol Cleansing wipes as part of IDS Media’s quarterly visits to GP surgeries.  It’s great to be able to give staff a freebie that can help them stay healthy!”

IDS Media UK distribute leaflets, posters and samples to GP surgeries across the country.

NHS Blood & Transplant to use IDS...
Created by sarahberry on 01/08/2019

NHS Blood & Transplant to use IDS Media for Organ Donation Campaign

From August 2019 IDS Media’s GP surgery leaflet displays will include NHS Blood and Transplant leaflets.  The leaflets which explain the change in law around organ donation will be displayed in thousands of waiting rooms across IDS Media’s GP surgery network.  Supporting posters will also be displayed as part of the campaign.

The leaflet explains organ and tissue donation, the upcoming change in law and directs readers to the organ donation website for further information.  From spring 2020, all adults in England will be considered to have agreed to be an organ donor when they die unless they have recorded a decision not to.  The new ‘opt out’ system aims to save and improve more lives as a result of tissue and organ donation.

Paul Pitman, IDS Media UK Sales Director Commented:

“IDS Media are thrilled to be able to support the NHS Blood and Transplant’s campaign regarding the change in law.  The materials are well suited to the waiting room environment and we are confident the message will successfully reach a high number of the patient audience.”

IDS Media UK distribute posters, leaflets, magazines and samples to thousands of waiting rooms nationwide.  For further information on IDS Media UK visit or call 01489 860000.


Charity Leaflets and Posters Welcomed...
Created by sarah_berry on 26/08/2016

Charity Leaflets and Posters Welcomed by GP Surgeries

IDS UK has start to visit thousands of GP surgery waiting rooms to provide them with patient leaflets and posters. The surgeries who have signed up for this free waiting room information service will each receive a visit from the IDS UK team during August 2016. Team members will update and replace information; displaying the materials in IDS UK provided poster frames and display units.

Sarah Berry (IDS UK) reported:

“Surgeries really appreciate charity information relating to healthcare concerns. We have already had great feedback relating to the charity leaflets and posters that have been included this cycle. It’s great to know that we can help non-profit organisations and that doctor’s waiting rooms are often a perfect environment to raise awareness.”

IDS UK’s Information for the summer period includes information provided by Diabetes UK, Cancer Research UK, Macmillan Cancer Care, Marie Curie and Sue Ryder.

Allergy UK Recommends IDS UK
Created by sarah_berry on 12/07/2016

Allergy UK recommends IDS UK for distributing information to parents.

IDS UK distributed posters and leaflets relating to cow’s milk allergy during February 2016. IDS UK’s team displayed posters and leaflets within doctor’s waiting rooms throughout the country. The 3 month campaign targeting parents of young children provided information on the symptoms and diagnosis of the allergy. Advice on how to prepare for appointments with healthcare professionals and suggested questions to ask were also included.  

Dawn Hoy (Allergy UK) commented: 

“Cow’s Milk Allergy is the most common food allergy in infants and young children in the UK, yet so many parents do not immediately associate the symptoms with the condition. Working with IDS UK allowed us to distribute our information to hundreds/thousands of parents, to provide potentially life changing information and advice. We would definitely recommend working with IDS UK for an effective and reliable way of distributing informative materials.”

IDS UK visits thousands of doctors waiting rooms UK wide to distribute and display healthcare messages such as Allergy UK’s. Waiting rooms are supplied with wall mounted leaflet racks and poster frames to ensure each message receives high level exposure.

For information on IDS UK’s Waiting Room Information Service contact 01489 860000. 

IDS UK Activity Drives Gaviscon Sales...
Created by sarah_berry on 18/05/2016

IDS UK Activity Drives 17.6% Gaviscon Sales Uplift 

Reckitt Benckiser implemented a poster and leaflet campaign for the  Gaviscon brand using IDS UK. The activity that took place during November-February 2015 was evaluated by market research company IRi. The evaluation aimed to understand the sales effectiveness of the IDS UK campaign and to determine the return on investment. 

The evaluation found: 

• The IDS poster and leaflet campaign drove a +17.6% sales uplift for Gaviscon. 
• Gavison return on investment = £5.65 for every £1 spent

Edward Pickering (IDS UK) commented:

“This retail market intelligence reinforces IDS UK’s belief that healthcare environments work well for healthcare information. Brands such a Gaviscon receive a high return on investment and noticeable improvements in sales”. 

Contact IDS UK to see how your brand can benefit from IDS UK healthcare media.

Print Is Relevant & Powerful
Created by sarah_berry on 06/04/2016

IDS UK strongly agrees with an art and design article which comments, “In these days of digital media, it's easy to overlook the art of print ads”. Print is still relevant and it is still powerful.   

Creativebloq’s article shows some great examples of creativity in print advertisements. However, no matter how creative print is, it is only great if it suits the environment. IDS UK is the expert in the waiting room. We know what works in the healthcare environment; print materials that have our input have great results. 

Visit to view their selection of 100 brilliant print adverts. 

Contact IDS UK on 01489 860000 and achieve great results in GP surgery waiting rooms. 

GP Surgeries Welcome IDS UK Posters
Created by sarah_berry on 11/03/2016

IDS UK has updated thousands of GP surgery waiting room poster displays with new campaigns during February/March 2016. 

The Healthcare Communications Company has visited GP surgeries nationwide to update poster displays as part of their free waiting room information service. The four new charity and Public Health England campaigns have been welcomed by surgeries. 

Sarah Berry, Operations Managed (IDS UK) commented: 

“Our field team have received many positive comments relating to the poster campaigns during their recent visits. Surgeries appreciate the quality of the campaigns and the convenience of IDS UK’s free service. The posters displayed during our February/March 2016 are amongst are most popular.”   

The posters distributed in the first of four IDS UK visits to surgeries this year include: 

• Could It Be Cow’s Milk Allergy? (Allergy UK)
• Every 15 Minutes Someone In The UK Starts To Lose Their Sight (RNIB)
• If You Notice Blood In Your Pee…(NHS/Be Clear On Cancer) 
• Questions About Cancer? (We Are Macmillan) 

GP Surgeries can visit for information on IDS UK’s free service.   

Alliance Pharma Successfully Trials IDS
Created by sarah_berry on 02/02/2016

Alliance Pharma trialled IDS UK media with a Molludab poster and leaflet campaign in GP waiting rooms. 

During the period September to December 2015 Alliance used IDS UK to distribute leaflets and posters to increase awareness of the topical treatment,  Molludab. The campaign provided information on a common viral infection of the skin, Molluscum Contagiosum and the use of Molludab as a treatment. 

The Molludab Brand Manager reported:

“An impressive surge in social media postings from patients who noticed the campaign in their surgery who both tried and liked the product." 

Paul Pitman (IDS UK) commented: 

“This information campaign was well received by patients in GP surgeries. The campaign trial has proven successful with further Molludab activity now booked for 2016. IDS UK provides a captive audience within a healthcare setting—perfect for any healthcare campaign!”.

For further information on IDS UK GP surgery poster and leaflet network please contact 01489 860000.

Marie Curie Extends IDS UK Campaign
Created by sarah_berry on 11/01/2016

Marie Curie will continue to use IDS UK’s leaflet and poster media during 2016. 

The charity which provides care and support to those living with terminal illnesses choose to use IDS UK during 2015 to support the launch of their Support Line and online services. The success of the campaign has resulted in an extension to cover 2016.

Jane Heath (Communication Manager, Marie Curie) commented:

“We were delighted with the success of our campaign with IDS to publicise the launch of Marie Curie’s new Support Line and online information services. The campaign got directly to the people who needed the service and achieved great results right from the beginning. We found IDS brilliant to work with, always efficient, helpful and providing a highly professional service.”

Marie Curie used IDS UK’s poster and leaflet media displays in GP surgery waiting rooms. Distributed by IDS UK’s own field team the materials are displayed nationwide with a potential reach of 31 million patients.

Judy Landell (IDS UK) commented:

“IDS UK is so happy to be able to help Marie Curie with promoting their services. It is great to see charities benefit from the guaranteed display and captive audience that we can offer within doctor surgery waiting rooms”.

Marie Curie provides care and support for people living with any terminal illness, and their families. During 2015 the charity cared for 40,000 people across the UK through the provision of Marie Curie nurses, hospices, support line, online help and volunteers. For further information please visit

IDS UK Activity Drives 28.7%...
Created by sarah_berry on 21/12/2015

IDS UK Activity Drives 28.7% Optrex Dry Sales Uplift 

Reckitt Benckiser implemented a poster and leaflet campaign for the Optrex Dry brand using IDS UK. The activity that took place during August-November 2015 was evaluated by market research company IRi. The evaluation aimed to understand the sales effectiveness of the IDS UK campaign and to determine the return on investment.

The evaluation found:  
• The IDS poster and leaflet campaign drove a +28.7% sales uplift for Optrex Dry/Irritated.  
• Optrex Dry return on investment = potential incremental 120k

Edward Pickering (IDS UK) commented:

"IDS UK can provide a return on investment that is greater than many traditional marketing methods.  The unique healthcare environment combined with IDS UK's knowledge can result in excellent sales results.  Optrex is one of many brands that benefit from IDS UK media."  

Contact IDS UK to see how your brand can benefit from their healthcare media.

Print Has a Greater Effect....
Created by sarah_berry on 16/12/2015

Print Has a Greater Effect on Purchase Than Digital

A Temple University neuromarketing study found that print tops digital media for engagement time, recall, and ultimate purchase.

The study used three monitoring techniques to measure the effects of 40 email and print ads. Visual attention was measured using eye tracking; emotional engagement by heart rate, respiration and perspiration levels; and deeper brain activity required MRI scans.   

Sponsored by Postal Service Inspector General’s Office the US study resulted in a number of key findings:

• Results demonstrated little difference between participants’ preferences for or attitudes toward ads presented digitally or physically.

• Participants chose to review physical ads longer than digital ads, but exhibited more focused attention on specific elements of the digital ads.  

• Despite the differences in amount of time spent with digital and physical ads, participants actually absorbed the same amount of information from both media. 

• Physical ads had a longer lasting impact than digital. A week after the initial viewing, the emotional response and concrete memory of the physical ads allowed participants to more quickly and confidently remember the physical ads than digital ads.  

• Brain activity indicated greater subconscious value and desire for products or services advertised in a physical format.  

The following table summarises which media type better achieved specific advertising goals.

Print ads were found to be superior to those viewed online in a number of categories. Although digital ads seized the attention of consumers quicker the print versions held attention for longer, elicited greater emotional reaction, and played a more direct role in ultimate purchase decisions. 

Click here to view the full study.

IDS UK Wins Public Health England Tender
Created by sarah_berry on 20/11/2015

IDS UK Healthcare Communications has won a tender to supply GP surgeries with Public Health England information (PHE).

PHE have appointed IDS UK to distribute campaign leaflets and posters to GP surgery waiting rooms across the country. During February, May, August and November the IDS UK field team will visit GP waiting rooms and place PHE leaflets and posters within the IDS UK installed display units.

Edward Pickering (Managing Director, IDS UK) commented:

“IDS UK are delighted to have won this tender despite such fierce competition. The service quality and return on investment that IDS UK offer no doubt put us one step ahead. To know that our services will aid PHE in the promotion and protection of health; and make a positive difference is great.”

IDS UK provides a free patient information service to GP surgeries nationwide; which includes the installation of wall mounted leaflet display racks and poster frames. As well as Public Health England information suppliers include Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK and Marie Curie.

IDS UK Prepares For Winter 2015
Created by sarah_berry on 09/11/2015

IDS UK Healthcare Communications Prepares For Winter 2015

All bookings for IDS UK winter 2015 campaigns have now been confirmed 
and sample information received at IDS UK’s head office. The display looks great and we can’t wait to get the information to our network of GP surgeries nationwide. 

For information on how to get your leaflets displayed in front of millions of patients please contact IDS UK on 01489 860000. 

To receive a free supply of patient information at your GP surgery please visit

IDS UK Provide GP Surgeries With...
Created by sarah_berry on 26/10/2015

IDS UK Provide GP Surgeries With “Stay Well This Winter” Campaign Materials

IDS UK support a major drive by Public Health England and NHS England to help people stay well this winter 

The “Stay Well This Winter” campaign launched in October 2015 urges people over 65 or those with long-term health conditions, such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease or respiratory illness, to prepare for winter with advice on how to ward off common illnesses. 

IDS UK will position campaign materials within GP surgery waiting rooms across England. The leaflets and posters will urge the public to: 

• Make sure you get your flu jab if eligible. 
• Keep yourself warm – heat your home to least 18 degrees C or (65F) if you can. 
• If you start to feel unwell, even if it’s just a cough or a cold, then get help from your pharmacist quickly before it gets more serious. 
• Make sure you get your prescription medicines before pharmacies close on Christmas Eve. 
• Always take your prescribed medicines as directed. 
• Look out for other people who may need a bit of extra help over winter. 

Commenting on the ‘Stay Well This Winter’ campaign, Keith Willett, National Director for Acute Care for NHS England said:  
“We are making sure we give people the information they need to help them to look after themselves and also to know where to go for urgent advice – whether it’s pharmacies, NHS Choices, NHS111 or A&E. 

It’s also critical we do what we can to help others stay well. The elderly compose the largest group admitted to hospital in the winter. Half live alone and one third never or only occasionally socialise with family or friends. They, as a result are slow to seek help, and once ill often get too unwell. This is a golden opportunity for us to look out for our neighbours and ensure they get any help they need.”

Sarah Berry, Operations Manager for IDS UK commented:

"IDS UK are delighted to be able to help Public Health England in getting this information to GP waiting rooms.  To receive such information as part of our free patient information surgeries should visit  The 'Stay Well This Winter' campaign is an important one and we hope that it makes a difference this winter". 

Stay Well This Winter runs across a range of media including IDS UK's leaflet and poster sites. For more information please visit the website at

Major Charities Use IDS UK...
Created by sarah_berry on 05/10/2015

Six Major Charities Will Use IDS UK to Distribute Patient Information to GP Surgeries During Winter 2015

 The charity leaflets will be displayed in thousands of IDS UK leaflet display racks located in GP surgery waiting rooms across the UK. 

Provided by Allergy UK, Cancer Research UK, Diabetes UK, Macmillan, NSPCC and Marie Curie the leaflets will be made available to IDS UK’s registered patient audience of 31 million.

Judy Landell (IDS UK) commented:

“This opportunity is ideal for charities wanting to target an audience susceptible to health and social care messages. IDS UK love to welcome charities to its GP surgery network; surgeries are keen to receive such information and feedback is always great. Similar campaigns in the past have seen great results and we have a number of charities that use us regularly for that reason”.

The charity information will be distributed by IDS UK’s field team to surgeries who have signed up for its free patient information service.

For information on how surgeries can join please visit

Visit for information on IDS UK media available to charities and other healthcare organisations.

GP Surgery Waiting Room Messenger
Created by sarah_berry on 15/09/2015

Appearing Soon In A Doctors...
Created by sarah_berry on 18/08/2015

Appearing Soon In A Doctors Waiting Room Near You

IDS UK has finalised healthcare materials to be provided to GP surgery waiting rooms during August 2015. The selection of leaflets and posters will provided GPs and patients will a valuable resource whilst keep waiting rooms tidy.  Great news for busy Practice Managers!

New Healthcare Campaigns for August 2015
Created by sarah_berry on 31/07/2015

IDS UK announces a number of new healthcare campaigns for August 2015.

IDS UK will provide GP surgery waiting rooms across the country with a number of new healthcare posters and leaflets during August 2015. Campaign materials will be provided as part of IDS UK’s waiting room information service that is available to GP surgeries free of charge. Delivered and displayed by IDS UK’s own field team the information will reach a potential audience of 31 million registered patients.

Katherine Watts (IDS UK) commented:

“We have some important campaigns planned for August which I’m certain will be welcomed by our network of GP surgeries. Many of our surgeries have used IDS UK for years and information like this enables us to provide such as great service.”

IDS UK Campaigns due for August 2015 include:

• A Healthy Baby Starts With A Healthy Pregnancy (Start4Life)
• Does You Child Have Bumps On Their Skin Like These? (Molludab) 
• Every 15 Minutes Someone In The UK Starts To Lose Their Sight…(RNIB) 
• If Someone You Care About Is Dying Or Has Died… (Sue Ryder) 

For further information on IDS UK’s service to GP surgeries please contact 01489 860000.

Integrating Hand Hygiene with.....
Created by sarah_berry on 15/07/2015

Integrating Hand Hygiene with Advertising Possibilities

Advertise directly to consumers visiting their GP with IDS UK's hand sanitiser media displays.

Tell us about the Opportunity / What is it?
Located at GP surgery check in terminals IDS UK's hand sanitiser units display A5 landscape advertisements. Each display benefits from the endorsement value that the GP surgery environment brings making the media ideal for any healthcare message. The hand sanitisers are installed and managed by IDS UK's own field team ensuring continuous use. 

What is the Marketing Objective?
Inform to Influence - Influence to Change. IDS UK Media Informs, influences and inspires change. Our media allows consumers to take your message into the consultation room, with them on the supermarket/pharmacy visits that follow; and encourage brand awareness, prescriptions, purchases and behavioural change 

How does it work?
Campaigns updates are completed by IDS UK's own field team. The number of opportunities to see is measured by the amount of sanitiser used over the campaign period. 

Who's used it in the past?
Successful IDS UK campaigns have been run for prescription and OTC medicines, charities, government bodies, direct marketing companies and the FMCG industry. IDS Media users include: Johnson & Johnson Ltd, Macmillan Cancer Care and Public Health England. 

Features / Benefits 
• Perceived professional endorsement • A captive and receptive audience • Measurable opportunities to see • Guaranteed prominent display • Timely advertising (pharmacy & supermarket visits quickly follow surgery appointments) • Perceived endorsement.

Contact IDS UK on 01489 86000 / for 
further information on hand sanitiser adversing within GP surgeries nationwide.

Sue Ryder Team Up With IDS UK
Created by sarah_berry on 01/07/2015

Hospice and neurological care charity Sue Ryder has teamed up with IDS UK.

Information regarding Sue Ryder services and support will be distributed to GP surgery waiting rooms across the UK. The campaign that runs throughout Autumn will communicate local community services, neurological and rehabilitation centres as well as Sue Ryder’s online community and support.    

Information leaflets will be made available to patients within IDS UK’s leaflet information display racks. In addition IDS UK will distribute and display posters within the waiting rooms highlighting the support available to those who have someone they care about who has died or is dying.

Judy Landell (IDS UK) commented:

“IDS UK is delighted to be able to support a charity that can make such a difference to people’s lives. The GP waiting room is the ideal environment to communicate Sue Ryder services and I’m certain the campaign will generate a significant response.”

Sue Ryder treats more conditions than any other UK charity in their hospices, neurological care centres and within the community; as well as campaigning to improve the lives of those living with them. Sue Ryder pride themselves on ‘taking the time to understand the small things that can help a person to live the fullest life they can’.

For more information on media options within 5000+ waiting rooms please contact IDS UK on 01489 860000.

Coeliac UK Reach Millions With IDS UK
Created by sarah_berry on 07/06/2015

The largest coeliac charity in the world, Coeliac UK uses IDS UK to distribute patient literature and posters in GP waiting rooms nationwide.

Coeliac UK aim to meet the needs of those with Coeliac Disease through research, campaigning and information provision. Their recent leaflets and posters which highlight symptoms of the disease and encourage GP diagnosis have been distributed throughout IDS UK’s GP surgery network. 

Judy Landell (IDS UK) commented:

The leaflets titled, ‘Is It Coeliac Disease?’ will be displayed within IDS UK’s waiting room leaflet display racks with the symptom based posters displayed alongside.

“We are so pleased to see Coeliac UK join IDS UK’s waiting room information service. With only around 24% of sufferers reaching clinical diagnosis symptom awareness is massively important. Combining Coeliac UK’s great campaign materials with our audience of 31 million registered patients is certain to result in GP appointments and diagnosis.

The great thing about waiting room campaigns is that there is a captive audience all of which are susceptible to healthcare messages and ideally suited to making Healthcare Professional appointments – perfect for Coeliac UK!”

For further information on Coeliac Disease visit

Appearing Soon…
Created by sarah_berry on 12/05/2015

New Healthcare Leaflets & Posters - Summer 2015

The IDS UK office has just received the new materials for Summer 2015. We couldn’t resist providing a preview of how surgery displays across the country will look very soon. Some great leaflets and posters including lots of new titles! 

IDS UK Makes First GP Waiting Room...
Created by sarah_berry on 10/03/2015

IDS UK Makes First GP Waiting Room Visits of 2015

February see IDS UK’s first visit to Thousands of GP waiting rooms for 2015. IDS UK’s team will personally visit each surgery to update their leaflet and poster displays.

Sarah Berry (Operations Manager, IDS UK) commented:

“We anticipate that surgeries will be thrilled with the materials this cycle.  The leaflet display is set to display some brilliant charity and NHS leaflets.  In addition there is a great selection for the over 60’s, including IDS UK’s new Sixty+ booklet.

Posters include help for those suffering from breathing difficulties, foot problems and prescription advice.  As always we are pleased to be able provide valuable information and advice to surgeries for their patients.”


IDS UK supplied leaflets and posters are supplied as part of their free Waiting Room Information

For further information IDS UK’s free Waiting Room Information Service please visit 



Dame Esther Ranzen Thanks IDS UK...
Created by sarah_berry on 10/03/2015

Dame Esther Ranzen Thanks IDS UK on Behalf of The Silver Line

Following use of IDS UK to distribute their leaflets throughout GP surgery waiting rooms, founder of The Silver Line Dame Esther Ranzen wrote to thank IDS UK.  IDS UK are proud to support the free confidential helpline providing information, advice and friendship to older people.

Esther Ranzen wrote:

I wish to express my sincere and heartfelt thank you to all the staff at IDS who are kindly supporting The Silver Line through a programme of placing of our leaflets in the surgery waiting room displays .

It is a sad fact that  more than half of all 75 year olds in the UK live alone and one in ten suffers “intense” loneliness but is reluctant to ask for help. In a poll conducted by ComRes for The Silver Line, 9 out of 10 older people told researchers that “a chat on the phone” is the most helpful solution when they feel lonely but 1 in 4 older people say they rarely have anyone to chat to. Some older people go for several days without talking to another human being.

The incidence of loneliness and isolation among older people is not just shocking because it makes them so unhappy, it has a hugely detrimental effect on their health, increasing the risk of heart disease and causing depression.  Figures from the Department of Health indicate it is as dangerous as obesity or smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Socially isolated and lonely adults are also more likely to undergo early admission into residential care or hospital.

The Silver Line has been operating as a national service for over a year and has received more than 325,000 calls.  So the simple idea is having a transformational effect on the lives of thousands of older people and a huge and unmet need has been revealed. There is no other helpline for older people in the UK, available 24/7, free and confidential, and offering information, friendship and advice, linking older people to local groups and services, and supporting those who are suffering abuse and neglect. 

As one caller told his Silver Line friend “when I get off the phone, I feel like I belong to the human race”.

Our work has got off to a flying start but there is still a lot we need to do in making our services of  information, friendship, and advice  known and available  to older people. A big step in that direction is reaching the older generation through GP surgery waiting rooms and that is why your influence in making our materials clearly visible within the surgery is critical.

This information programme will make a huge difference to peoples’ lives  and your input at ‘ The Coal Face’ of the GP surgery where so many elderly individuals regularly attend  is so important.”

Once again a sincere and heartfelt thank you to you all. Founder and President of The Silver Line Helpline

Kindest regards,

Esther Rantzen

The Helpline for older people can be contacted anytime on 0800 4 70 80 90.  For further information on The Silver Line visit



Sixty+ Booklet Launched by IDS UK
Created by sarah_berry on 28/01/2015

IDS UK launch information booklet aimed at the over 60’s market.

Healthcare Communication provider IDS UK has launched Sixty+, a free booklet aimed at those aged 60 and over.  Containing information and solutions for the senior market, Sixty+ offers advertising opportunities relating to editorial content.  

Edward Pickering, Managing Director (IDS UK) commented:

“The Sixty+ booklet is an exciting introduction to the IDS UK portfolio. The booklets will be distributed through GP surgery waiting rooms providing an ideal captive senior audience and certified magazine circulation is expected to be 1.2 million.

Each booklet will contain equal pages of editorial to advertising content. Informative and product category driven, the editorial is displayed on the left page and relevant advertising on the right”

For more information on advertising opportunities within the Sixty+ booklet contact IDS UK on 01489 860000/



Think Differently Use IDS UK
Created by sarah_berry on 16/12/2014

IDS UK is different.

IDS UK media is not the ‘blink and you’ll miss’ it type.  Our media is the unique ‘sit for 20 minutes and absorb the message’ type.

IDS UK audience is not the ‘rushing around, busy, busy, busy’ type.  Our audience is the ‘sat calmly, waiting, grateful for something to look at’ type.

IDS UK media is different. 

Located in thousands of GP waiting rooms nationwide our media is ideally situated.  Sat waiting for healthcare professional appointments consumers are compelled to sit and absorb the poster and leaflet media around them. 

IDS UK media is definitely the ‘see it, respond to it, and act on it type’.

Think differently, use IDS UK


Cancer Research UK Leaflets Return...
Created by sarah_berry on 19/11/2014

Cancer Research UK Leaflets Return To IDS UK Surgery Display Racks

Cancer Research UKs (CRUK) ', ‘Spotting The Signs Of Cancer’ leaflet has returned to IDS UK display racks within GP waiting rooms across the country.  CRUK has again chosen IDS UK to distribute their leaflets to thousands of GP surgeries.  The leaflets will be placed within designated leaflet display racks in the waiting rooms of surgeries that have chosen to receive IDS UK’s free patient information service.

‘Spotting The Signs of Cancer For Men’ and ‘Spotting The Signs Of Cancer For Women’ includes the key signs and symptoms of cancer, addresses common concerns, and provides information on  screening tests.


Julie Reed (Operations Manager, IDS UK) commented:

These leaflets proved very popular when they were displayed in the IDS leaflet display racks last time, and surgeries have requested them ever since.  We are very happy that they are back in our racks and helping to raise awareness of the signs of cancer.”

In addition to the leaflets IDS UK will also distribute CRUK’s poster titled, “You’re Twice as Likely to Survive Cancer”.   Placed in close proximity to the display racks the posters aim to encourage GP visits and early diagnosis.

To use IDS UK to raise awareness of your campaign contact 01489 86000.  For find out more about CRUK and the symptoms of cancer visit the CRUK website.


IDS UK Delivers Patient Leaflets...
Created by sarah_berry on 17/11/2014

IDS UK Delivers Patient Leaflets to Thousands of GP Surgeries

Healthcare Communications Company, IDS UK, is currently distributing patient leaflets to thousands of GP surgeries nationwide.

As part of IDS UK’s waiting room information service a team of field representative are making their last visit of 2014 to GP surgery waiting rooms across the country.  Whilst delivering over 20 leaflet titles the IDS UK field team will also provide surgeries with hundreds of healthcare posters.

Each field representative will place leaflets in the IDS UK supplied leaflet rack, ensuring they are displayed prominently to patients.  Coordinating posters delivered at the same time are placed inside poster frames encouraging leaflet pick up.

Leaflet titles to be distributed during November 2014 include:

  • Don’t Let Drink Sneak Up On You (Change4Life)
  • How To Manage Your Dry Skin & Eczema (Reckitt Benckiser)
  • Is Your Health And Care Professional Registered? (Health & Care Professions Council)
  • Questions About Cancer? (Macmillan Cancer Support)
  • Spotting The Signs Of Cancer For Men (Cancer Research UK)
  • Spotting The Signs Of Cancer For Women (Cancer Research UK)
  • Your Pregnancy (Bounty)

To request the free information service for your waiting room contact 01489 860000.

BTF Raise Awareness
Created by sarah_berry on 17/09/2014

British Thyroid Foundation Raise Awareness Using IDS UK

During May 2014 the British Thyroid Foundation (BTF) supplied posters and leaflets to hundreds of GP surgeries to raise awareness of hypothyroidism.  Distributed by IDS UK the materials were displayed within GP surgery waiting rooms across the country.

Edward Pickering, Managing Director (IDS UK) commented:

“IDS UK was pleased to be able to support BTF’s campaign.  Their leaflets and posters benefitted from the guaranteed prominent placement of our poster-combi frames.  Positioned within surgery waiting rooms the frames avoid notice board clutter and provide a captive audience, open to healthcare messages.”

Julia Priesley, Development Officer (BTF) said:

“I'd like to thank IDS UK for placing our hypothyroidism posters in GP surgeries. During the period that the posters were up it was noticeable that we had more phone calls, more visits to the website and an increase in membership applications. To a small charity like BTF this opportunity was really welcome - in particular to raise the profile of thyroid problems, have the opportunity to give out our information and also to attract new members to support the charity.”

BTF helps people with thyroid disorders. BTF staff and volunteers work together to provide support and information based on reliable medical evidence and personal experience. Hypothyroidism is the name given to the condition resulting from an under-active thyroid gland that is not producing enough thyroid hormone for the body’s needs.  

For further information on hypothyroidism and other thyroid disorders visit the BTF’s website.



IDS UK Joins GetMeMedia
Created by sarah_berry on 19/08/2014

IDS UK joins getmemedia, the online database of marketing, media and sponsorship solutions.

Healthcare communications company, IDS UK’s media options can now be viewed via getmemedia.  The in-depth database of live ideas and case studies provides its users with marketing, media and sponsorship solutions. IDS UK’s leaflet media, poster media and practice nurse sampling now feature on the site along with a case study titled, ‘IDS UK Delivers Sales Uplift and Strong ROI’.   

Pete Davis  (Managing Director, commented:

“ is a search engine and exchange that brings together relevant marketing, media and sponsorship ideas with potential buyers from companies within the marketing and agency world.  IDS UK enhances our range of media ideas for our marketer and agency audience through providing access to a broad range of the UK population who have specific needs to be met.”

Edward Pickering (Managing Director, IDS UK) said:

“Our activity within GP surgeries reaches millions of consumers and thousands of Healthcare Professionals and there are countless campaigns that would greatly benefit.  We want to let brand managers know what we can do and getmemedia facilitates this.” 

Getmemedia database displays 2,000 ideas and currently lists media opportunities worth over £750m.  Visit getmemedia to see how IDS UK and others can help your brand.

IDS UK Offer Practice Nurse Sampling
Created by sarah_berry on 17/07/2014

IDS UK’s Goody Packs Offer Practice Nurse Sampling

Goody Packs put your product in front of thousands of Practice Nurses nationwide

Providers of leaflet and poster media within GP waiting rooms, IDS UK, have launched Goody Packs, a sampling channel that targets Practice Nurses.   The packs that contain samples, leaflets and other information are personalised and hand delivered by the IDS UK field team to Practice Nurses.

 Edward Pickering (Managing Director, IDS UK) comments:

“Goody Packs allow your brand to connect with hard to reach Practice Nurses, encouraging thousands of professional brand advocates.  Inclusion in the packs is competitive to postal charges and research has shown the packs to be more effective than direct mail.  IDS UK has spent over 20 years building strong relationships with GP surgeries that have chosen to use our services.  This cooperation facilitates our Goody Pack activity and allows our clients to successfully engage with the Practice Nurse”.

Goody Packs are distributed to over 5000 GP surgeries nationwide and estimated to reach 40,000 nurses per annum.

For further information contact IDS UK on 01489 860000.

Centra Pulse Partner With IDS UK
Created by sarah_berry on 01/07/2014

Centra Pulse Partner With IDS UK To Raise Awareness of Personal Alarms

The UK’s largest independent provider of telecare, Centra Pulse, display leaflets within 5000 GP surgery waiting rooms using IDS UK Media.

Centra Pulse provide support to enable all age ranges to live safety and independently; whilst avoiding costly hospital admissions.  The non-profit organisation who last year received over 2 million calls concentrates on tailoring services to provide dignity, respect and choice.

To raise awareness of the personal alarms that Centra Pulse is able to offer IDS UK were used to distribute and display 240,000 leaflets over a 6 period.   The leaflets explain the support available, the benefits of Centra Pulse and provide contact details.

Judy Landell (IDS UK) commented,

“The Centra Pulse leaflet is welcomed by GP surgeries. With 1 in 3 over 65’s experiencing a fall each year this information is invaluable.   Each year 51,980 visits are made by the over 65s to IDS UK surgeries, making the waiting room an ideal environment for this leaflet.” 


Centra Pulse leaflets are due to be in GP surgeries until the end of August 2014.  For more information on personal alarms and Central Pulse visit



PHE’s Skin Cancer Pilot Uses IDS UK
Created by sarah_berry on 10/06/2014

Public Health England uses IDS UK to distribute its Skin Cancer pilot campaign materials.

During June 2014 the IDS UK field team distributed Skin Cancer awareness materials to 300 GP surgeries.  Each surgery were introduced to the campaign via the team, given GP letters and had leaflets and posters displayed within their waiting rooms.

Feedback to the team was positive; comments included:

“Poster seen as a good idea to generate patient enquiries.”  
Coleridge Medical Centre

“Very well received. Campaign and supporting literature viewed positively by practice.” 
Trescobeas Surgery

“Patients have been taking leaflets from the holder which is sited in a prominent position.” 
The Foxhayes Practice

Several leaflets taken by patients and a couple of appointments made to have moles checked on the back of the advertising. ”
Wonford Green Surgery

Public Health England has frequently used IDS UK to distribute and display materials that form part of its Be Clear On Cancer series.   Additional campaigns currently displaying in IDS UK media include, ‘Been Coughing For More than 3 Weeks?’ and ‘If For The Last 3 Weeks You’ve Had Blood In Your Poo”.


IDS UK Media Delivers Sales Uplift
Created by sarah_berry on 20/05/2014

IDS UK Media Delivers Sales Uplift & Strong ROI for Nicorette
Use of leaflet media in GP Waiting Rooms led to a positive financial impact for Nicorette.

What was the Challenge / Background of the Campaign?
IDS UK provides 'at the point of care' communication channels and media solutions through 5000+ GP surgeries nationwide. Smoking cessation brand Nicorette used IDS UK leaflet media to increase brand awareness and drive sales over a 3 month period. Evaluation was needed to identify the OTC impact of IDS UK media activity.


What was the Campaign Objective?
Boost peak smoking cessation period sales and sustain uplift over the following months.

What was the Solution?
Nicorette displayed leaflets within 5000+ GP surgery waiting rooms nationwide. Pharmacies closest to these sites were isolated and a control group created to allow EPOS data comparison.

What were the Results?
The Introduction of the IDS UK leaflet displays had a positive financial effect and delivered strong ROI. The impact of the leaflet displays was greatest during the peak smoking cessation season, but consistent uplifts were also seen in the longer term. Long term ROI was calculated at £1.00:£4.21 and incremental sales scaled to total coverage (immediate vicinity stores only) equalled £105, 133.

What were the Key Learnings of this Campaign?
Use of IDS UK media had a significant sales impact within surrounding pharmacies. The GP waiting room holds a captive audience who experiences an average 20 minute dwell time. IDS UK media utilises this unique opportunity to reach the 31 million patients registered at their sites. OTC campaigns are particularly relevant and timely as pharmacy visits closely follow GP surgery appointments.



IDS UK Congratulate The Papworth Trust
Created by sarah_berry on 16/04/2014

IDS UK Congratulate The Papworth Trust on Radio 4 Feature

Having recently heard that The Papworth Trust will be using IDS UK to distribute their information to GP surgeries we were delighted to discover that charity featured on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour earlier in the year. 

As a leading disability charity supporting over 20,000 individuals The Papworth trust is a welcome addition to IDS UK’s leaflet information service; and a brilliant contributor for Radio 4s disability series.

The blog that followed, written by Involvement co-ordinator, Chris Whitaker talked about sharing his message with millions:

“You might think it ironic that despite working for a disability charity, I don't talk about my personal experiences of disability that often. However, being asked to appear on Woman's Hour alongside the great and super charismatic Linda Roberts was a happy exception.

Growing up with Cerebral Palsy, a condition that affects my mobility meant that life has always been interesting! I have always felt fortunate to be in a position to be able to live life in a way that has been about what I can do rather than what I cannot.

It was great to be given the opportunity and space on such a well-known programme to talk openly about my experiences and the challenges I faced.

I was pleased that, despite the lump in my throat, I was able to put my own key message into words: that whoever you are, you can live life in a positive way. I also owe a huge amount to my parents, who gave me the courage to be myself, to ask questions and challenge limitations.

Working for Papworth Trust as an involvement co-ordinator, it is a genuine privilege to be able to help others to have a voice and make their own positive differences.

Though there may be big challenges, there are ways around and through things. It is my firm belief that life is for living, and you have to make it count.

Maybe, just maybe, we could all talk a little more openly about disability issues. Mine is just one story after all!”

Congratulations from IDS UK on the successful show! 

The read Chris’ full account visit The Papworth Trust’s website.





New Field Force Shakes Up Industry
Created by sarah_berry on 07/04/2014

The low cost solution to increasing pharma’s capacity to get key messages to the right HCPs, at the right time, and frequency.

Today, the IDS UK have announced the launch of a new field based service, the Rapid Tactical Support Force (RTSF). Its purpose is to undertake some basic, simple, but important tasks on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, to increase their communication capacity with healthcare professionals.

RTSF is a low cost solution, designed to increase the pharmaceutical industry’s sales force effectiveness, supporting and complementing their marketing strategy and allowing their field sales forces to stay focused on priorities.

RTSF has the benefits of:

  • Speed
  • Efficiency
  • Low- cost/call
  • National or Local coverage
  • Exclusivity
  • Short-term “pay as you use” contracts.

In as little as 72 hours of receiving a brief, the RTSF team of up to 600 service reps, can be active in the field, making the service ideal where short, sharp, or repeat frequency, low cost tactical activity is required.

 Such as:

  • Updates to product information;
  • Local guidelines positioning
  • Seasonal blitz campaigns
  • Crisis management campaigns
  • Delivery of HCP information packs

IDS’s web- based CRM reporting system provides live real time, status reports to track field activity. If required, post-call follow through can be undertaken by IDS’s telemarketing team, enabling measurement of campaign effectiveness and associated KPIs.




Preference for Print….
Created by sarah_berry on 10/03/2014

Marketing Opportunities for the Healthcare Sector

It’s easy to opt for ‘no print’ when planning healthcare marketing campaigns.  With all populations increasingly using digital devices print is often considered an unnecessary marketing tool. Tempting as it is to rely on your online market; printed materials really do provide considerable benefits for healthcare messages.

A recent study concluded that 70% preferred reading print and paper communications as opposed to reading off a screen.  Concentration and information capture is threatened by on screen visual changes and physical interaction; in turn the communication is made less effective.   

Although hard to believe by those of us that rely heavily on smartphones, tablets and computers there is still a substantial number who do not access digital materials.  In addition those that do can experience slow and/or intermittent connections.  Printed materials are not victims of phone breakages, theft or a’ dodgy signal’.  Printed materials are easily accessible, long lasting and portable.  Leaflets provide a means to communicate messages between audiences; they can be viewed together and passed from one person to another— an ideal scenario for a patient wanting to share information with their healthcare professional.

To discover how your campaign can benefit from the preference for print contact IDS UK - 01489 860000/



CitizenCard Use IDS UK to Promote ID....
Created by sarah_berry on 19/02/2014

CitizenCard Use IDS UK to Promote ID Card

CitizenCard have chosen IDS UK’s Waiting Room Information Service to distribute literature promoting youth responsibility.

Launched in 1999, CitizenCard supports retail environments in preventing underage sales and provides the UK’s leading proof of age scheme.  CitizenCard’s leaflets promoting youth responsibility will be displayed within thousands of GP surgery waiting rooms nationwide thanks to IDS UK’s Waiting Room Information Services.

Paul Pitman (Sales Director IDS UK) commented:

“Our Waiting Room Information Services has provided CitizenCard with a great way to distribute communications.  Not only do GP surgeries provide an ideal environment for healthcare related literature, they guarantee an audience for a wide range of issues.  CitizenCard’s brand will benefit from the trustworthy environment of the waiting room.”

CitizenCard’s ID card is the UK's leading proof of age scheme.  Recognised by the Home Office their ID Cards are widely accepted by retailers.  The PASS holograms displayed on the cards are endorsed by the Home Office, Police and Trading Standards; and provide users with high street discounts.

The campaign will run in GP surgeries across the country from late February to late May 2014.



IDS UK Improves Rise in Market Share
Created by sarah_berry on 21/01/2014

IDS UK Improves Rise in Market Share By 24%

A Study has shown a Smoking Cessation brand’s rise in the Nicotine Dependency market to be 24% higher in IDS UK practices*.

The study, carried out by RMS Research & Marketing Services, measured the rate of scripts for the brand across the whole of Wales.  During the study period the brand’s overall market share rose by 2.7%; with those practices targeted by IDS UK seeing an increased rise of 3.1%    The overall rise in the share of the Nicotine Dependency market (by script) was concluded to be 24%  higher in those practices affected by IDS UK activity.

Edward Pickering commented,     

“This campaign used information leaflets to promote the brand within GP surgery waiting rooms.  The rise in market share illustrates that campaigns of this type still achieve high results; and that IDS UK provides a good ROI”.

This study follows research activity by IRI Symphony on the same brand.  The research that measured sales uplift in pharmacies in close proximity to IDS UK sites summarised that for every £1 invested, £4.21 was received in sales at pharmacy level.

IDS UK provides services to a broad range of Healthcare companies.  Specialising in GP Surgery media IDS UK can ensure display within the waiting room environment.


*By script


Father Christmas and IDS UK
Created by sarah_berry on 16/12/2013

My children inform me that it is 9 sleeps until Christmas.  Father Christmas will soon visit homes across the globe and leave behind wrapped gifts underneath Christmas trees and in stockings.  The magic of Christmas day is not  the presents left behind, but how they get there and how they are displayed.  IDS UK like Father Christmas do not only distribute, we ensure are deliveries are hand delivered and presented so that they attract the right attention.

Our field team may not arrive via sleigh, or attempt to climb down surgery chimneys; but they do personally visit each of our member GP surgeries four times a year.   Each leaflet is placed within a display rack prominently positioned within a waiting area.   Like Father Christmas’ presents, our leaflets are placed so that they attract the right audience at the right time. 

Healthcare leaflets without IDS would be like Christmas Day without mince pies.



IDS UK to Distribute Allergy UK Info
Created by sarah_berry on 25/11/2013

IDS UK to distribute Allergy UK information packs to thousands of Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) nationwide.

Hampshire based IDS UK has been selected by Allergy UK to deliver their recent HCP information pack.   IDS UK will visit over 5,000 surgeries to provide HCPs with information on Chronic Urticaria during November 2013.

Allergy UK works closely with GPs and Primary Health Services by providing up to date information.  This latest information pack details the difficult to manage condition Chronic Urticaria.  Seen frequently by GPs, Urticaria is a raised itchy rash on the skin

Judy Landell (IDS UK) commented:

“The information supplied by Allergy UK will support both GPs and patients in maximising appointment times.

She continued:

Using the IDS UK field team to hand deliver the packs is a great way to make the information stand out amongst the masses of post received by surgeries.”

The packs will be distributed during November 2013 by IDS UK’s nationwide field team.


IDS UK Supports Public Health England...
Created by sarah_berry on 11/11/2013

IDS UK Supports Public Health England’s Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign

Public Health England (PHE) will continue to use IDS UK to distribute and display the next phase of the Be Clear on Cancer Campaign: “1 in 3 women who get breast cancer are over 70, so don’t assume you’re past it”.

180,000 leaflets will be distributed by IDS UK together with supporting posters to GP surgeries throughout England. 

Paul Pitman, Sales Director for IDS UK said:

“The key message for this campaign has proved to be extremely powerful with women in the target group; however for the campaign to work the message needs to reach the right audience.  IDS UK’s wall mounted GP surgery poster frames and leaflet display racks will provide these materials with maximum waiting room coverage.

“A focus on breast cancer in women over 70 is vital; a third of women diagnosed with breast cancer are aged over 70, but this age group is more likely to delay seeing their doctor for unusual breast symptoms.  Encouraging breast awareness should help to drive early diagnosis and survival rates. 

“IDS UK is in the unique position of being able to improve campaign results through the distribution and display of already effective material.”

IDS UK will be visiting GP practices nationwide during November 2013 to deliver the campaign materials.  Previous Be Clear on Cancer campaigns that have benefitted from IDS media includes the Bladder and Kidney Cancer and Bowel Cancer campaigns.

For further information on the Be Clear on Cancer Campaigns visit:

For further information on IDS UK and media within GP surgeries visit:



GP Surgeries Ranked Number One...
Created by sarah_berry on 06/11/2013

GP Surgeries Ranked the Number One Place to Promote Health and Wellbeing

A recent survey commissioned by IDS UK has found that GP Surgeries rank as the number one place to promote health and wellbeing.

During September/October 2013 LGC surveyed Directors of Communications, Public Health and Adult Services to find out about their health communication strategies.  When asked to list in order of priority the place to which health and wellbeing materials are promoted GP surgeries were ranked number one. 

In addition to these results the majority of respondents did not rate their knowledge and contact with GP staff highly.  Almost a quarter described it as poor and more than a third only adequate. 

Edward Pickering (Managing Director, IDS UK) commented,

“This survey highlights the importance of GP surgery media that is supported with knowledge of the environment; and a good relationship with surgery staff.  IDS UK is in the unique position of being able to meet these requirements.  Supplying GP surgeries with healthcare literature for over twenty years has enabled us to really become ‘waiting room experts’”.

To find out more about what IDS UK can offer please visit  



CRUK Choose IDS UK to Raise Awareness
Created by sarah_berry on 29/10/2013

CRUK Choose IDS UK to Raise Awareness of Patient Information Services

Cancer Research UK (CRUK) will use IDS UK to distribute and display the leaflet, “Its Cancer.  You’re Bound to Have Questions” within primary care settings.   Explaining the patient information services that CRUK offer, the leaflet will be distributed to GP surgeries nationwide.

Judy Landell (Account Director, IDS UK) commented,

“Using IDS UK will ensure that CRUK’s material will reach their intended audience. Our field team guarantees that leaflets are displayed within surgery display racks and that maximum exposure to the healthcare consumer is achieved”

She continued,

“Given the leaflet topic we anticipate the campaign will be a popular one and are hopeful CRUK will see a significant increase in demand for their patient services”.

CRUK’s leaflet, “It’s Cancer.  You’re Bound to Have Questions” details the patient service that it provides:

An award winning patient information website
A Freephone confidential service run by specialist nurses
Clinical Trial information, an online discussion forum.

The leaflet will be distributed by IDS UK to 5,000+ GP surgeries nationwide during November /December 2013.

For further information on CRUK’s patient services, and to view/order CRUK publications visit

NFC in the Waiting Room...
Created by sarah_berry on 14/10/2013

Integrating the Traditional and Digital

Hailed as the next big thing for years, Near Field Communication (NFC) is now commonly being used to bridge the gap between the physical and digital world.

The recent announcement by IDS UK detailing the introduction of NFC technology within GP waiting rooms is evidence that NFC can be used in a variety of environments, for numerous purposes.  But, does the use of NFC really create that much impact within healthcare communications?

For years now it has been questioned whether the use of traditional leaflets and posters still work.  Recent IDS UK market research showed that over 50% of leaflet readers undertake further consultation, and had, or had planned to purchase a product as a direct result of reading a leaflet displayed within a GP surgery.  From experience IDS UK know that traditional media has advantages over digital alternatives.  Leaflets can be picked up, can be passed on and serve as a physical reminder of the topics detailed.  Posters take advantage of the long dwell times available in waiting rooms with exposure nearing 100%.   

Given that traditional media is still successful, why the need for NFC technology?  Simply it bridges the gap between physical and digital communications.  Communications work best when they are integrated; ensuring physical and digital communications work together consolidates an organisation’s image, develops dialogue and nurtures relationships with consumers.   Traditional media is often used to increase online traffic; these campaigns are perfect for NFC.  Positioning a NFC tag on such media makes the link between the two near instantaneous, which results in an increase in online traffic.

IDS UK Bring NFC Technology to GP
Created by sarah_berry on 08/10/2013

Healthcare communications company, IDS UK announce that their poster service will now offer Near Field Communication (NFC), Smart Posters.

IDS UK’s Smart posters include NFC tags that will enable patients to access relevant data via smart phones in the waiting room.  Each Smart Poster will include a NFC tag tailored with a URL to co-ordinate with individual campaigns.

Edward Pickering, Managing Director IDS UK, commented:

“Busy lifestyles mean that most do not have the time to physically input information into their phone.  By simply positioning your phone over the poster the user is instantly taken to the campaign’s online information.   End user stress decreases and response rates increase.”

The Smart Posters will be offered alongside IDS UK’s existing GP surgery media: leaflets, traditional posters and hand delivered Healthcare Professional packs

For further information contact IDS UK on 01489 860000.

WIS Leaflets Prove Popular GP Surgeries
Created by sarah_berry on 05/09/2013

GP Surgeries who are signed up to IDS UK’s Waiting Room Information Service receive new healthcare information for their patients.

Thousands of surgeries across the country were visited by a member of the IDS UK field team during September 2013.  Each visit included a free of charge ‘tidy up’ of the surgeries’ leaflet rack; a top up of existing leaflets, and a supply of new healthcare literature.  In addition GP surgeries were provided with new healthcare posters for display within their waiting areas.

IDS UK head office reported that surgery feedback has been positive:

“Surgeries are noticeably impressed with the leaflet selection this cycle.  The Change4life, and Start4life leaflets have proven particularly popular".

IDS UK’s Waiting Room Information Service includes the installation of a wall mounted leaflet display rack, and distribution of healthcare leaflets within GP surgery waiting rooms.  

To request the service for your GP practice visit

To distribute your healthcare literature through Waiting Room Information Services contact IDS UK on 01489 860000.

Leaflet Display Not Distribution
Created by sarah_berry on 05/08/2013

Distributing healthcare leaflets and posters to GP surgeries is easy; however ensuring the information is displayed appropriately proves a lot harder. 

An IDS UK client recently used our services to display their poster within GP surgeries.  Thinking the campaign success related solely to the distribution of the material, they decided that they could easily use their sales team to deliver the posters to surgeries.  

When the sites were later inspected it became apparent that very few of these posters made it to the waiting room.  Those that did make it were often surrounded by other information achieving minimum impact.  Distribution of material had been easily achieved, but the display was evidently poor.

Leaflets and poster success within GP surgeries can be hugely improved if displayed used IDS UK’s fixed leaflets display racks, and poster frames.

At IDS UK we pride ourselves on not being a distribution company.  We know that the importance lie in display. 

Pharma Marketing At IDS UK
Created by sarah_berry on 01/07/2013

Pharma marketing can prove a complicated task due to both rules and regulations, and often the objective of communicating information on sensitive topics.

At IDS UK we have been providing guidance on this since 1991, and have helped numerous marketing campaigns successfully reach patients through GP surgery waiting room and pharmacy media.

Not only does IDS UK ensure that leaflets, posters and healthcare professional information reach their intended destination, we can also advise on content and design. This combination ensures patients can, and will access the marketing materials; and that it is appreciated and endorsed by healthcare professionals.

The result: Pharma marketing that works!

For advice on your pharma marketing campaign contact IDS UK on 01489 860000.

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